Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The initial problem

So, it's all well and good wanting to start converting a fimir army using the lizardmen models, but this is where we start the initial difficulties - how?

How do you do about turning one of these games workshop saurus warriors into a fimir, like the old heroquest models?

Well the answer is going to involve a fair amount of green stuff. The basic plan is that the belly will be bulked out and covered with a small shield (almost a buckler) from the Dwarf thunderer kit. This will serve nicely as the traditional fimir bellyshield and add to a distinctive look, definitely taking away from the lizardmen aesthetic. Next the head angle will be changed so that it is less horizontal than it is now, more to around 45 degrees. The crest and top of the head will be cut off to give a nice oblong-ish kind of shape. Then the singular eye will be sculpted on top, with some ridges/folds in the flesh similar to the old heroquest miniature. The scales along the back of the lizardman will also be filed down and covered in some liquid green stuff. The warriors will be equipped with a variety of different weapons - some will keep the lizardmen ones, others will get axes from dwarf kits of random assortments of swords or picks that I have lying around. I also want to change the shields for something a bit less scaly; I've got some ideas, but not quite decided on that yet. This is really quite a large amount of work to be doing for every individual model. Especially when you think that this is only for the standard fimir warriors, the shearls will be made from the lizardmen skinks to highlight the difference in stature and importance. Think I'll need to be buying a fair amount of green-stuff!

Well...I've had a quick play around with my concept - just cutting the plastic around a bit to see how feasible it would be and whether the pose would look fimir-ish, not graduated to green-stuff experimentation yet. Hopefully I'll find some time to make some headway soon, but I'm a teacher and teacher's free time is rather hard to come by!