Friday, 14 February 2014

The Fimir factory

It has been quite a while since I did any work on the Fimir; largely as this time of year is always really busy at work with mock exams, reports, revision classes, etc. However, I also have the added time constraints of rehearsing for a play - Sweeney Todd at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury. Watch the trailer! It's been around four to five years since I last sang in a show so it's nice to be getting back to it, but I had forgotten how much work was involved! Equally, my wife and I are buying a house, moving out of our little two bedroom flat (which has served us very well) into a house so that we can finally get outdoors to have barbecues and generally have enough space to just have people over to entertain. So all in all, there's not a lot of time left for modelling. However, I had a rare day to myself today as work was closed, so I set myself the challenge to actually make some progress.

The Fimir factory has started - the eleven bodies that I have left (I had only initially bought one box of Games Workshop Saurus warriors, which contains sixteen models; at some point I need to buy another box to round out the squad to a suitable size) have all been set to with the modelling clippers and knife to remove spines and correct the angle of the neck. The green stuff has come out to bulk out the bellies of those far too skinny Lizardmen. Look at them! Have they never seen a decent meal?

The buckler shields for the GW Dwarf thunderers kit have had their runes removed and have been temporarily added to the Lizardmen to help get the belly proportions right. These are only temporary at the moment as I need to remove them to then put the kilts on the models. The right hands have been sent to the weapons store and been eqipped with a ragtag collection of axes, swords, hammers, etc. gathered from various Dwarf, Tomb Kings, and Vampire Counts kits. There's even a falchion from an old Heroquest orc! In all of the Fimir models so far only one weapon has been repeated - the morningstar from the GW Tomb Kings skeleton kit.

This is simply because I want enough models wielding morningstars should I decide to pay the points for them in a game. Of the eleven being worked on, five had their left arms sent to the armoury to collect a shield, the other 6 were sent back to the weapon store so that they are brimming with blades. Again this decision was made so that I have some flexibility on how I want the unit to be kitted out on the table top. I now have a selection of models to represent hand weapon and shield, morningstar and shield, two hand weapons, or morningstar and additional hand weapon. It's not ideal, but should help to make the unit a bit eaiser to understand for whoever I'm playing against (we tend not to be too extreme on WYSIWYG). I haven't got around to doing the heads for these eleven models yet, that's definitely the next thing to do, but who knows when that's going to happen?