Sunday, 9 November 2014

Resting in the mists

Just a very brief post to explain the lack of updates recently. Since the start of September I've obviously been back teaching which takes up rather large amounts of time. What hobby time I have had I have spent doing a few bits with my dwarves. I was feeling as though they had been a bit neglected; especially as I had a couple of the kits that were released with the new book this year and I hadn't done anything with them.

Having painted and modelled a few bits and got a game or 2 in, I then started thinking about how much I've neglected my 40k army, the Black Templars. So I did a few simple bits and got a quick 600 point game in with them this week (in which I trounced a blood angels army), and I'm going to continue working on them for a little while.

I guess the different armies need to work on a sort of rotation so I don't get too mind blocked only working on 1, and get a bit of variety to play with as well. I'll be back working on the fimir before too long and blogging their development. I might look to add 2 pages to the lost fimir site to show pictures and the fluff for my dwarf and Black Templar armies. We'll see how time goes.