Sunday, 7 July 2013

The Hound of the Fimirvilles

Of course Fimir aren't the only things that live in the marshes:

"There are countless tales of massive black-haired hounds stalking the moors in search of prey. At least some of the stories are based on the daemonic hounds summoned by the fimir as trackers or as allies in battle." - extract from the fimir army book, courtesy of the Warhammer armies project.

GW chaos hound models are absolutely spot on for the moor hounds!

Getting a 'head' of the others

One thing that I have wanted to do was get a fimir model that had a helmet on. This could be used as a champion or suchlike, perhaps with some kind of magic item helmet, but however I use him I wanted him to be wearing quite an ornate and over the top helmet. The problem was that I didn't have a clue how to do it. My other warhammer army is dwarves (which you will definitely know by now if you have read the other blog posts) and I do have one or two spare helmets (with or without horns), but I didn't think that they really matched the aesthetic that I wanted, and they were the wrong size anyway.

Then I had an idea - one of the boxes of dwarves comes with a horn playing musician with two different heads for the horn, one being the classic bell funnel, the other being a stylised dragon head breathing fire. I really didn't like the dragon head on the horn, but I thought that it would work really rather nicely as a helmet for a fimir warrior. So I had a go at making another model (the fifth warrior now) and gave him the dragon head. It's not ideal as my sculpting skill to match it up is not good enough - to me it doesn't look like the fimir's head actually goes into the helmet. I still like the idea though. What do you guys think?

I also thought that I should pay some attention to the tails. Fimir tales often end in bony blades, clubs, maces, etc. The lizardmen tails end in a nice sharp point which I am happy with for some of the models, but I wanted to get a few club-like tails as well. Basically I just tried a blob of green stuff that I then teased some points out. I'm not sure about it at all to be honest, but I'll leave it and see what it looks like once painted (if I ever get around to that stage, mind you wedding prep is slightly more important at the moment - less than 50 days!)