Sunday, 6 October 2013

Colours in the mist

I have finally managed to find a spare hour or two to get some paint on the fimir. The photos may look a little odd owing to there being base colours on the kilts, weapons, wood, etc, but the skin still being the base grey of the undercoat. Normally I would paint the skin as one of the first areas and then work my way outwards, however on the fimir I'm trying something different as the skin is simply going to be some coloured washes over the undercoat to give a shade and subtle colour. 

The kilts were slightly tricky to paint owing to the texture of the gauze, but it has worked nicely to get the dark blue base colour and then the light blue drybrush to highlight the texture, making it look like a rough-spun fabric. 

The hounds show how the shading of simply a wash over the grey undercoat can work. They have simply had a wash of Badab Black (GW paint, updated to Nuln Oil) and that really nicely gives depth to the colour, darkening the light grey, adding a bit of character. They will receive another black wash to darken them some more, but also a green wash to show the marshy environment that they live in. I'm not sure what colour to paint their eyes though - red would be a classic option, but possibly the bright light blue might make them glow and stand out. Also I need to work out what to do on the horns/spines and teeth/mouths.

God knows when I'll find time to make some more progress on these!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Grey scale

Progress may be slow, but I've got a plan to actually start some painting this weekend - I doubt I'll get much done but it will be good to actually get some colour on the models and see if my ideas will actually come to fruition.

In preparation I managed to undercoat my models that I have produced so far. Grey might be an unusual colour to undercoat, but it provides some really nice shading, but also still some vibrant colours. Besides, it's going to enable me to use a rather quick painting technique on the fimir. Here goes! I'll see you on the other side!