Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The warband swells

I have managed to do a bit of painting and modelling over the summer, as well as some relaxing, sightseeing, and celebrating of my first wedding anniversary. So I thought I should update you with my progress. The other eleven fimir warriors that I have been working on are now finished - five with shields and the other six with additional hand weapons. I'm not sure which is the best loadout for them at the moment, so different options are what is best.

The shield warriors:

The additional hand weapon warriors:

All sixteen members of the warband:

I have spent the last few days working on a bit of a centre-piece for my army - the eye oculus of Balor. This is a war-altar pulled into battle by two fiana warriors (ogre-sized fimir). Atop the rotting wood lies a crystal of the great eye of Balor which can shine forth over the enemies of the fimir, burning them to a crisp in an instant. I've been looking forward to making this unit since reading the army book. The fiana warriors are made using the fimir warriors available from forgeworld. I have bought two sets of these so that two models can be incorporated into the oculus model, leaving the other four for a unit of the monstrous infantry. The war altar itself is made from the vampire counts' corpse cart model, minus the piles of dead and rotting bodies. at the top of the model, when it is finished, will sit two flaming torches flanking the eye of Balor. The eye crystal will be made from a reflective bead. I would also like to get a couple of captive female models to put on the cart - prisoners taken by the fimir, vital for the survival of their race. You'll just have to come back to the blog to see the finished result. Hopefully it won't be too long before the unit is finished entirely.

Looking to the future, I have bought another box of saurus warriors to assemble, already making some progress with equipping the array of weapons. I have green-stuffed the eyes on my two dirach wizards, but need to do some thinking about anything else that I want to hand to the models - I like the idea of having some beast-like familiars. One dirach will have a two-headed rat (from the corpse cart kit) on his base, accompanying him into battle; the other dirach will have a skeletal vulture (from a tomb kings kit) perched on his sacrificial blade. My Meargh hag-queen will have three serpents slithering through the swamp with her. These will just add a bit of character to these models.

I've also mail-ordered a few bits and pieces, as seen in the picture below, any ideas on what might be coming?