Sunday, 6 September 2015

Lords within the marshes

Over the Summer I had aspirations to get a reasonable chunk of my Fimir army painted up, but I spent a large part of the holidays in Canada, touring along the East Coast. It's a lovely country and my wife and I had a fantastic time there. Now it's September and that means back-to-school and consequently less hobby time, especially as I'm also in rehearsals for another play. I have, however, managed to do a little bit of work over the last couple of weeks . I have finished the two lord choices in my Fimir army - a Meargh and a Fimm Mistmor - Magella Wisestone and Drust. Really quite happy with how they have turned out.

Magella is mainly a Malifaux model, but with her face cut off and a Lizardman one attached in its place. I really like the pose of the base model, holding a doll with a knife poised to cut like she's using voodoo against someone. The serpents on her base are also from a Lizardmen kit; this helps tie all of my Fimir magic users together as they all have some form of animal familiar.

Drust is based on a Forgeworld Fimir model. I have sculpted a helmet for him with the face of some form of animal/daemon figure. I think this helps to separate him from the basic Forgeworld models. The weapon is also rather key - I run him wielding the Vile Branch Crusher magic weapon, multiplying each hit into d3 hits. As such he needed a rather imposing weapon that needed to look like a tree and root ball. I started off with a piece of twig and then used two paperclips bent around each other into some form of root shape. I used green stuff to form the shape around this armature, sculpting some texture on them to hopefully give a good effect. I then painted this brown first of all, before drybrushing progressively lighter to begin to give it a grey, dead and bleached look.

I have started to paint my three Marsh Reavers and the Eye Tyrant, but I think progress will be quite slow.