Sunday, 29 November 2015

Reaving in the Marshlands

I've not had much opportunity for painting/modelling recently as I was in another play. However, with that finished I have found a few moments to spare. Whilst I've been focusing a bit more on my Black Templars and trying to get a couple of those major characters painted, I didn't want to neglect WFB completely, so I've painted my Marsh Reavers. I've been looking forward to painting these models for quite a while now - I just love the Bog Beasts they are riding, crawling out of the swamp, and I'm so happy with how I managed to get the Lizardmen Cold One Rider bodies to fit around, with the kilts billowing in the wind. I must admit that they were a real pain to paint fully assembled (I paint everything fully assembled largely because I'm too excited and want to build/play with things straight away; if I didn't I'd have really small armies to pick from to play with). They are modeled with a musician and two normal Reavers, so at some point I might have to see if I can get my hands on three more lizards to make a champion, standard bearer, and one more Reaver to round out the unit fully.

I started making some river sections for terrain, but that plan has been on hold for a little bit as I'm rethinking some of what I'm doing. I will get back to it though as I think it'd really nice to have a river running through the marsh. Also, none of the friends that I play with have any river section, so we've never played over one - it's always good to have some variety in the terrain available.

Having nearly finished the Black Templar characters (The Domus Crusade page will be updated soon), I'm going to spend a bit of time on my Dwarves - they have been quite majorly neglected this year. I have a few half-painted models to finish, then lots of regiments that I haven't started; I think the Hammerers and Irondrakes will be next on the painting table. However, I would also love to get painting the Daemonmaniac for my Fimir - I am just so looking forward to having such a large sized Fimir striding through the marsh. So keep your eyes peeled!