Thursday, 12 February 2015

War enters the realm of the Fimir

So, on Saturday I finally got around to having another game with my Fimir. In total I think I have played one normal game of Warhammer with them (against Beastmen, which I won), and now two or three Triumph and Treachery games (with mixed success, but I think that is generally the way of T&T games).

This T&T game was going to be a three-way battle and we had settled on a 1500 point limit, which also allows you to purchase up to 300 points of mercenaries if you wish, or get money into your paychest if you'd prefer.

Fimir Army List

  • Magella Wisestone - Meargh
    • Level 3 caster, Hellmother's Crown, Lore of Shadow, Deployed with the Fimm Warriors
  • Rictumal - Dirach
    • Level 2 caster, Orb of the All-Seeing Eye, Lore of the Fimir, Deployed with the Fir Bolg
  • 27 Fimm Warriors
    • Additional hand weapons, Fimm Fian, Musician, Standard Bearer, Fimul's Hatred banner
  • 3 Marsh Reavers
    • Musician
  • 19 Fir Bolg
    • Great weapons, Crypt Keeper
  • Eye Oculus of Balor
Total = 1496 points

Dwarven Mercenaries
  • Nurbere - Master Engineer
    • Rune of Stone
  • Organ Gun
Total = 195 points (allowing me to start the game with two bronze coins, totalling 100, in my paychest)

The mist crept out, beyond the edges of the marshland, rolling over the various sites dedicated to conflicting gods. An Anvil of Vaul was located close to the boggy homeland of the Fimir and was the first to be wreathed in dense fog, but the mist did not stop there, quickly spreading to leave the nearby Tower of Blood looming eerily from the depths. Before long the mists wreathed a wide expanse of the plain in their mysterious grip. Magella Wisestone had been visited by several of her daemon cohorts, informing her of a precious artefact that had fallen from the Tower of Blood. She knew that only in the hands of the Fimir would it be safe and wisely used. They would have to be quick though as hordes of Orcs and Warriors of Chaos had been seen roaming the wilds of this region. Magella spoke out to the clan and The Blade in the Mist was assembled, with the Dirach Rictumal overseeing the raising of some ancient dead of the marshes, the Fir Bolg. Magella herself saw fit to manipulate the minds of a Dwarven engineer and his gun crew that they had only recently taken captive - their blackpowder might prove useful in thinning the enemy ranks. The Fimir were ready to strike out, claim their prize and vanish before their enemies could realise what had happened.

I won the roll-off for deployment, so deployed on the centre edge, closest to the objective to be claimed, placing my swamp tile just in front of the objective - which really didn't amuse the other two generals! 

The Orcs had a horde of Savage Orc Big 'Un archers (with a general and level 4 shaman), three trolls, a mangler squig, a snotling pump wagon, and two Doom Divers. No mercenaries were recruited by them so they started with two silver coins in their paychest. They deployed in the left corner from the Fimir close to a scree slope.

The Warriors of Chaos had a Tzeentch Daemon Prince, two Gore Beast chariots, two Chaos chariots, four units of Hounds, and one unit of three Skullkrushers of Khorne. They had recruited a Skaven Warlock Engineer with a Doom Rocket and a Warp Lightning Cannon, allowing them to start with one silver coin in their paychest. They deployed in the right corner from the Fimir on top of a Temple of Skulls.

Turn One
The Chaos Warhounds vanguard up, splitting between the two fronts.

The Fimir were quick off the mark with all units barring the Dwarven Mercenaries moving up. The Fir Bolg moved straight forward into the swamp terrain, heading directly for the objective, despite the fact that it could only be claimed by the army's general and my Meargh was in with the Fimm Warriors; I had a plan and my opponents didn't see it coming. Rictumal forgot to consult the Orb of the All-Seeing Eye, but still managed to cast Swirling Mists to thicken the already dense fog surrounding the entire Fimir army. Magella unfortunately failed to cast Pit of Shades. The Oculus of Balor opened its dread eye and its baleful glance incinerated one unit of Hounds, with the Organ Gun decimating another.

Seeing their Warhounds' dead bodies slump to the ground made their forces rage at the Fimir, virtually the entire Chaos force steering towards the Fimir front lines; the Daemon Prince flying into the cover of an Abyssal Wood while it set its sights on the Organ Gun. The Skaven Warlock Engineer sighted through the mist and let fire with the unpredictable Doom Rocket, though he'd clearly been spending plenty of time at the shooting range. The rocket exploded sending twelve Fir Bolg back to their marshy graves and wounding one Marsh Reaver. The Warp Lightning Cannon was clearly inspired by this show of Skaven accuracy as it then fired across the Fimir force, killing the wounded and one other Marsh Reaver, as well as taking a wound off the Oculus of Balor.

The Orcs also decided that the best plan of action was to head straight for the Fimir, after all that was the best way to get close to the objective. Their Shaman summoned mighty power from the winds of magic and sent the Foot of Gork down to crush four Fimm Warriors, though further magic was prevented by timely action of the Fimir Meargh. The two Doom Divers set their sights through the mist; yet one was clearly straining too much as he misfires whilst aiming for the Oculus of Balor, putting that catapult out of action for a few turns. The other Doom Diver landed a direct hit on the Meargh, who manages to jump out of the way, leaving four Fimm Warriors to be struck down by the impact.

Turn Two
Things didn't go well for the Orcs' progression in the battle as the large unit of Savage Orc archers started to squabble among themselves. The Trolls line up a long charge against the Fimm Warriors directly in front of them, but the mists shift enough to cause them to misjudge the distance. The Snotling Pump Wagon also positioned itself closer to the Fimm warriors, who were feeling decidedly under threat. One Doom Diver couldn't shoot as it was still repairing following the previous misfire. The other Diver starts to aim for the Oculus of Balor, but some well placed scratching powder prevents any launch taking place.

The Fimm Warriors set out to charge the Pump Wagon lurking straight in front of them, but the snotlings turn pale and pump their wagon furiously in the opposite direction as they flee. The Fimm Warriors fell short of redirecting their charge against the Trolls and are left having a staring contest with them. The Dirach strides out of the Fir Bolg to the objective, but not being the general cannot claim it. He then tries to cast Swirling Mists, but fails; the fog begins to lift slightly. The Meargh casts Penumbral Pendulum at the Trolls who regenerate the dealt wounds. As a result of the spell, however, the Meargh uses Smoke and Mirrors to swap places with the Dirach, leaving her stood directly on the objective and able to pick it up. The Oculus of Balor fails to open its eye, but the Organ Gun blasts at the trolls. Unfortunately their regeneration again save them.

The Daemon Prince immediately sets its eyes on the Organ Gun and charges. The rest of the Chaos forces manoeuvre to more advantageous positions, starting to send some forces towards the Orcs again rather than focusing their fury on the Fimir. The Warp Lightning Cannon aims for the Fir Bolg in the marsh, but overshoots. Instead it hits the remaining Marsh Reaver, killing it, and dealing another three wounds to the Oculus of Balor. Unsurprisingly, the Daemon Prince makes short work of destroying the Organ Gun.

Turn Three
The mists vanish from the battlefield, leaving the Fimir stranded and exposed to the full force of the suns rays. The army pass their stupidity checks and the Fimm Warriors charge into the Trolls, eager for some bloodshed. The Meargh takes the artefact with her as she joins the nearby Fir Bolg. The Dirach recasts Swirling Mists to give some protection against the sun's glare. The Meargh surveys the imminent combat against the Trolls and casts The Withering to weaken the foe. However, she taps too strongly into the winds of magic, miscasting with irresistible force. A dimensional cascade opens around her, killing all of the remaining Fir Bolg and whisking Magella Wisestone off to the Realm of Chaos. The artefact is dropped into the swampy terrain and the Meargh's spell dies with her.

The Oculus of Balor fails to cast its dread gaze for the second time in a row. However, the Fimm Warriors crash into the Trolls, gaining plus one to their strength from an inspired fury, Fimul's Hatred banner allowing them each to swing both their weapons to full effect. They lay waste to the creatures and reform to face the combined threat of the Orcs and Chaos.

One unit of Warhounds charge into the Fimm Warriors, hoping to distract them whilst the rest of the Chaos forces continue to position themselves for the big push. The Deamon Prince swoops down into the swamp to collect the artefact objective from where the Meargh dropped it, before casting Pink Fire of Tzeentch towards the Oculus of Balor. However, there was still some trickery left with the Fimir as they were able to misdirect the spell causing it to be cast against the two Chaos Chariots instead, though all wounds caused were saved. Two more spells were cast at the Oculus of Balor, but one was dispelled and the other failed to wound. With increasing frustration the Daemon Prince tried to cast Infernal Gateway, but the winds of magic chose this moment to dissipate. The Warp Lightning Cannon aimed at the Oculus of Balor, which seemed to have become a source of infinite frustration to the Chaos army. However, its mighty blast misfired, though the Skaven only needed to make minor adjustments and the cannon wouldn't be out-of-action for any length of time at all. The Warhounds were hideously outmatched and the Fimm Warriors slaughtered them completely.

The Snotling Pump Wagon regained composure and rallied to face the rest of the battle. The Mangler Squigs, which the Fimir were expecting to head into the Oculus of Balor, redirected back towards the main Orc line. The Shaman reaches into the winds of magic casting 'Ere We Go to boost the horde, as well as using Hand of Gork to manhandle the Mangler Squig even further across the Orc line, leaving it positioned inbetween the Savage Orc Archers and the Skullkrushers of Khorne. The Savage Orc Archers notch arrows to fire at the looming Skullkrushers, but are bribed not to shoot. Unfortunately the Goblin Doom Divers stay on top of the Scree Slope surveying the battlefield, forgetting to launch themselves into the action because (in their General's own words) "he's a f***ing moron!"

Turn Four (where nobody wanted to go first!)
The two Gore Beast Chariots charge either side of the Mangler Squid into the Savage Orc Archers. The Skullkrushers take the risk and also charge the Orc Archers, but have to make their way through the Mangler Squig first of all, which delivers thirteen wounds on the unit, killing two of elite troops and leaving the remaining one on only a solitary wound. The Daemon Prince flies away with the artefact objective, seeking to keep it safe, whilst the rest of the army moves further around behind the remaining Fimir units. The Warp Lightning Cannon starts to show its true Skaven origin by misfiring again, spinning around wildly before unleashing its blast harmlessly away from the field of battle. The Savage Orc General Steps forward in a frenzy and kills the remaining Skullkrusher. Whilst the Gore Beast Chariots make a definite impact into the Orc unit, killing eight greenskins, only suffering one wound in return, the Orcs stubbornly refuse to give ground.

The Fimm Warriors sense an opportunity and charge the closest Gore Beast Chariot in the rear, whilst the Dwarven Engineer tries but fails to make the distance to charge a Chaos Chariot. The Oculus of Balor moves to a better position ready to target the Doom Divers. Rictumal, the Dirach, strains against the winds of magic but cannot control them, releasing a calamitous detonation killing four Fimm Warriors surrounding him and taking a wound himself. The Oculus of Balor again fails to open its baleful eye, the third time in a row. Whilst the Fimm Warriors are not overly successful against the Gore Beast Chariot, dealing only one wound to it and suffering 3 deaths in return, there are enough pressure to cause the charioteer to reconsider the combat and flee through the Savage Orc Archers, leaving it only only one wound.

The Snotling Pump Wagon sets its sights on the Gore Beast Chariot that is in combat with the Orc Archers, but the diminutive snotlings fail to push the wagon far enough. After the Orc Shaman is unable to adequately cast his spells, both Doom Divers launch themselves high into the air and take perfect aim on the two Chaos Chariots, smashing them both to pieces. The Save Orc General rushes madly through his unit over to the Gore Beat Chariot, but was clearly exhausted by his exertions as he virtually fails to lift his axe from the ground. The rest of the Orcs smash and scream at the enemy, causing enough havoc to make the chariot flee, but the are unable to pursue as the Snotling Pump Wagon blocks their path.

Turn Five
Both Gore Beast Chariots rally and turn to face the opposition again, keen to make amends for their brief display of cowardice. The Daemon Prince continues to keep out of the way, but casts both Tzeentch's Firestorm and Infernal Gateway against the large unit of Savage Orc Archers, killing a few orcs, but importantly incinerating the Shaman. The Warp Lightning Cannon takes aim against the Fimir, but an uneasy alliance cause the Skaven to change their target at the last minute, firing against the Orcs instead, causing minor casualties.

The Fimm Warriors take the opportunity of the Snotling Pump Wagon sitting stranded in front of them to charge it before it has a chance to plough into them. The Dwarven Engineer chases after the remaining Chaos Warhounds to take a shot with his pistol, unfortunately misjudging his aim. The Oculus of Balor lines up its gaze against the most damaged Gore Beast Chariot, but Balor's fearsome eye is not seen for the forth time in a row. The Fimm Warriors make short work of the Pumpwagon and overrun into the Savage Orc Archers.

The Doom Divers immediately prepare to launch themselves, but they become a tangle of catapults as they disable each other, leaving the Goblins to try and work out how to piece them back together. The Savage Orcs end up with a reasonable number of dead Orcs being cut down by the Fimm Warriors, but they ultimately destroy those Fimir remaining in the unit, before advancing towards the rallied Gore Beast Chariot.

Turn Six
The Oculus of Balor is finally successful in unleashing its dread gaze, destroying the Gore Beast Chariot lingering underneath the Doom Divers by the Scree Slope. The Dwarven Engineer takes careful aim and snipes one Warhound.

With the Oculus of Balor continuing to frustrate the forces of Chaos, despite the many instances of it failing to shine its baleful eye, the remaining Gore Beast Chariot lines up a long charge against it. However, a timely deploy of caltrops causes the chariot to fail to reach its intended target. The Daemon Prince cries out in anguish after discovering itself to be out of range to cast its corrupted spells against the Oculus of Balor, instead directs its magical fury in the form of Infernal Gateway against the Orc General, delivering eight wounds and instantly slaying greenskin leader where he stands. The Warp Lightning Cannon takes up the mantle and seeks to destroy the Oculus of Balor, but fails to wound the Fimir mobile altar.

The Savage Orc Archers take aim at the stranded Gore Beast Chariot, but the Fimir cause them to have to reroll their successful hits, resulting in merely a single arrow finding its mark, and that bouncing harmlessly off the chariot's frame.

(Forgot to take anymore pictures I'm afraid!)

Turn Seven
The Archers discard their bows, putting their faith in their crude axes instead, as they charge headlong into the Gore Beast Chariot. One Doom Diver is bribed by the Fimir not to shoot, and the clearly hadn't assembled the catapult correctly after the last misfire and promptly breaks down again. Whilst the Savage Orc Archers lose five of their number, they make good use of their poisoned attacks to finally take out the Gore Beast Chariot.

The Oculus of Balor positions itself to attempt to unleash its dreaded gaze, yet is prevented from doing anything.

The Chaos Warhounds try to charge the obstinate Oculus of Balor, but fail to overcome the terror they feel in its presence. The Daemon Prince flies beyond anyone's reach, securing the artefact objective. The Warp Lightning Cannon takes aim at the remaining Savage Orc Archers, but unfortunately reaches the end of its lifespan, exploding in a truely catastrophic burst of bright green flame.

End of Game
First place: Orcs with 2150 in their paychest
Second place: Chaos with 1400 in their paychest
Third place: Fimir with 250 in their paychest

The two Fiana Fimm pulling the Eye Oculus of Balor had effortlessly raised Rictumal's beaten body onto the cart before proceeding to drag the Oculus' splintered frame back to the clan home; the slave Dwarven Engineer making some on-the-move repairs to enable it to get back in one piece. The battle had been bloody and they were the only souls returning to the camp's numerous mud huts and tents that housed their struggling community. They made straight for the hovel of Magella, Hag-Queen of their clan. Despite her being cast into the Realm of Chaos after being overwhelmed by the magical forces being ripped beyond her control, she stood in the entrance weary yet defiant, the clan looking expectantly at her before she raised her voice for them all to hear.

"The Realm of Chaos cannot imprison us when our friends and cohorts are daemons resident there themselves. I have returned from the other side once again for my work is not yet done. We Fimir may be fighting for our mere survival, but we are determined to fight for it. We will not simply vanish from this world. Maris and Fimul created us and we belong here until welcomed by them to The Floating Island.
Shearl, get to work! Fimm and Fiana, sharpen your weapons and train your blades! Bring Rictumal's body to me for I must consult the daemons and restore his life force. Those fools prostrating themselves to Tzeentch may have stolen the artefact, but there are other means to ensure our survival!"

Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Blade in the Mist gathers

Current state of play for intended/desired army:

Magella Wisestone
Meargh - model bought and assembled, alterations sculpted, undercoated, base completed.

Fimm Mistmor - model bought and assembled, alterations started, base started.

Dirach - model bought and assembled, alterations sculpted, undercoated, base completed.

Dirach - model bought and assembled, alterations sculpted, undercoated, base completed.

Fimm Finmor battle standard bearer - model bought and assembled, alterations sculpted, undercoated, base not started.

Fimm Warriors
16 (including Fimm Fian, musician and standard bearer) completed (one is missing from the photo).
15 models bought and assembled, alterations at varying stages, bases not started.

24 (including Shearl Finn, musician and standard bearer) completed.
24 still in a GW store somewhere waiting for me to get out my wallet.

Moor Hounds
10 completed.

Fiana Fimm
3 models bought, not assembled, bases not started.

Marsh Reavers
3 models bought and assembled (including musician), alterations scultped, undercoated, bases started.

Fir Bolg
10 models bought and assembled, bases started.
10 models bought and partially assembled, bases not started.

Eye Oculus of Balor
Completed (other than possibly adding kidnapped women at some point).

Having just finished work on the shearl, I am moving onto modelling Drust so that I have a Lord level melee character who can then be boosted by the magic of the Meargh and Dirachs to dish out some serious pounding. However, I will only be spending time on him until the modelling is complete. The next painting project will be the Fir Bolg.

There are a couple of other units that I might look into at some point, but this is the army that I was originally intending to build, and it's nice to see how far I have come along. It might be slow going, but my Dwarves and Black Templars have also had reinforcements over the year or so of this project. I've only played a couple of games with the fimir, but might have another Triumph and Treachery game coming up soon - I'll try to get a few photos and do a bit of a battle report as I know that is something that I have been asked about.

Well, until then - watch out because The Blade in the Mist gathers!

"Shearl, gather your spears!"

I really am rather useless at keeping this blog up to date, my apologies. Real life keeps getting in the way of hobbying, but I've made a bit of progress recently and thought I'd share that. I'm then going to look at doing a 'current state of play' post so that you can all see the relative states that the various units/characters are in.

The Shearl are the workers within the Fimir tribe, doing all the general dogsbody jobs, but also some skilled craft work as well. In essence though, they are the lowest social group, despite being the most numerous. In game terms, they are quite cheap points-wise, average strength, but have a certain versatility to them. Whilst there are only 24 at present, I am looking to eventually be able to double this number and field a horde of them, all armed with spears and shields, so that the low weapon skill and strength are made up for in the amount of attacks. Alternatively that would give me enough to run two units around 25 shearl strong each (well, 24 plus a character).

Where I have used GW lizardmen saurus warriors for the fimir warriors, it made sense stylistically to then use GW skinks for the shearl. The usual cutting and greenstuffing was required, along with sourcing alternative shields (discussed on an earlier post), and finally I have managed to throw some paint on them and get their bases sorted. I really like the banner they are carrying, with the scroll-work design on it, though I am slightly annoyed that I put too much back wash on it.

Another unit marches through the misty marshes to defend their homes and kidnap unsuspecting humans.