Sunday, 1 February 2015

"Shearl, gather your spears!"

I really am rather useless at keeping this blog up to date, my apologies. Real life keeps getting in the way of hobbying, but I've made a bit of progress recently and thought I'd share that. I'm then going to look at doing a 'current state of play' post so that you can all see the relative states that the various units/characters are in.

The Shearl are the workers within the Fimir tribe, doing all the general dogsbody jobs, but also some skilled craft work as well. In essence though, they are the lowest social group, despite being the most numerous. In game terms, they are quite cheap points-wise, average strength, but have a certain versatility to them. Whilst there are only 24 at present, I am looking to eventually be able to double this number and field a horde of them, all armed with spears and shields, so that the low weapon skill and strength are made up for in the amount of attacks. Alternatively that would give me enough to run two units around 25 shearl strong each (well, 24 plus a character).

Where I have used GW lizardmen saurus warriors for the fimir warriors, it made sense stylistically to then use GW skinks for the shearl. The usual cutting and greenstuffing was required, along with sourcing alternative shields (discussed on an earlier post), and finally I have managed to throw some paint on them and get their bases sorted. I really like the banner they are carrying, with the scroll-work design on it, though I am slightly annoyed that I put too much back wash on it.

Another unit marches through the misty marshes to defend their homes and kidnap unsuspecting humans.