Thursday, 9 May 2013

A little bit of drive

I've had the idea for starting the fimir army for quite a while now - I found the fan-made army book at least a
year ago now, yet I hadn't got around to doing anything with it. I'd pretty much planned the army I wanted to get, knew which models I needed to buy and what I was gong to do to them in order to convert them and make them suitable. Yet there was always the issue of time and money - having all the ideas in the world is well and good, but there's only so much anyone can do in the free time they have and with the financial constraints (I am after all getting married this summer and weddings are rather expense affairs). Besides I also have my Dwarf army for Warhammer fantasy and my Black Templars army for 40k.

So what has given me the kick up the backside to start this project in amongst all these other things going on in my life? Quite simple really - I found the rules that games workshop released for the special game at games day this year called 'regiments of renown'. It's a small skirmish game for Warhammer using only a very limited points allowance and each model acting individually. I love this idea (always fancied playing Mordheim but never got the chance and never will now it has been withdrawn), with a small selection of troops, building up a back story for these personalities and developing them as games progress. I've shown the rules to a couple of my friends and we're gong to organise a 'regiments of renown' day where we all bring our small troop and play a selection of mini skirmish games over the day, eventually deciding upon a champion (along with possibly a few other conciliatory prizes). So I thought that rather than bring my dwarves who people are fairly familiar with fighting against, why not use this as the perfect opportunity to build and test out some fimirs? Especially as I'm probably only going to need less than 10 models which means I should be able to find some time to 'experiment' with my modelling.