Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Forces gather

I had another game with the Fimir the other day, verses a friend's Wood Elves. It was the first time he was using his new army, so I felt that it would be a bit mean to take the Banner of the Mists to completely nullify his shooting. Instead I took this list:
  • Meargh
    • Level 3 caster, Lore of Fimir (Swirling Mists, Daemonic Possession, The Eye of Balor), Miasma of Malodorous Mists, Channelling Staff, Deployed with Fimm Warriors
  • Dirach
    • Level 2 caster, Lore of Shadow (Melkoth's Mystifying Miasma, The Withering), Orb of the All-Seeing Eye, Deployed with Shearl
  • Fimm Finmor
    • Battle standard bearer, Heavy armour, Runic Bellyshield, Additional hand weapon, Deployed with Fimm Warriors
  • 28 Fimm warriors
    • Fimm Fian, Musician, Standard bearer, Fimul's Hatred, Additional hand weapons
  • 24 Shearl
    • Shearl Finn, Musician, Standard bearer, Spears, Shields
  • 5 Moor hounds
  • 21 Fir Bolg
    • Crypt keeper, Great weapons
  • 3 Marsh Reavers
    • Musician 
  • Eye Oculus of Balor

We were playing the 'Battle for the Pass' scenario where you're battling in a gorge and I thought at the time that deployment was pretty standard. I had my Fimm Warriors and Fir Bolg on the left flank to support each other against his one combat unit and then hopefully deal with the Treeman. The Moor Hounds vanguarded forward to harass one of his archer units and screen the advance of the Marsh Reavers, who in turn would be supported by the Shearl and Oculus. However, his two units of scouting skirmishers deployed behind me and would just be a nuisance - no shooting makes it very difficult to deal with skirmishers! Also, charging the monstrous cavalry through the dangerous terrain of the forest isn't a brilliant idea, nor are they good for assaulting a building as the mounts can't participate. So all in all, reflecting on deployment, I made some errors right from the start.

Through out the game nothing seemed to quite go right - my dice rolls were very poor, I chose one of my spells poorly, he was dispelling my magic, I was failing to dispel his, I kept rolling a misfire for the Oculus, I didn't realise his combat unit were strength 5, one of his characters negated my flank bonus in the first round of a combat, I forgot to make my tail attacks, thought that you couldn't try to reform if you lost a combat, etc.

In case you couldn't guess, I lost.

...rather badly.

...in fact I got wiped out on turn 4!

In other news, whilst I have been neglecting the painting and modelling of the Fimir for a while as I'm spending time on my Black Templars instead for the ETL 4 painting challenge at bolterandchainsword.com, I have managed to do a few Fimir bits. One of my Dirachs is finished, and the other just needs a bit of work on the base.

Also, the Blade in the Mist have been bolstered by the might of some Fiana Fimm, determined to wreck any foe they encounter. These have been made using the Forgeworld Fimir Warrior models, but modified slightly so that I have a standard bearer (the standard provided by the GW Dwarf Hammerers/Longbeards kit, the banner top is from the GW corpse cart kit), and a Fimm Fiarach (unit champion) who will now be able to stand out from the unit (axe heads again from the Hammerers/Longbeards kit). In game these will likely run alongside Drust, my Fimm Mistmor character. I think I might need to order another set to take the unit up to 6 models, especially as they can make 3 supporting attacks each, then I can convert a musician for the unit as well.