Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The marshes are alive with the dead

I have finished off my regiment of Fir Bolg - the dead of the marshes. They are a mixture of different models - Vampire Counts Grave Guard, LOTR Warriors of the Dead, and an old GW Spirit Host who has been given the force sword from a 40k Librarian model. This gives a nice effect that they are dead from numerous different armies, raised from their final resting places in the marshes by the Meargh to defend the Fimir home. On several of the models I have cut away at the bottom of the model and mounted it directly in the mud so that it looks half sunk/risen from the swamp.

I used the GW Nihilakh Oxide technical paint for the first time when painting this unit, to give their weapons and armour an antique look. The metal parts were painted silver, gold or bronze originally, then washed with the Nihilakh Oxide, then the excess wiped off. I'm really happy with the effect that it has given. The fabric robes on the models were painted a mixture of colours - red, blue, green, brown, and dark grey. The faces, arms, etc were left the light grey of the undercoat. Then all the fabric and bone areas were drybrushed with green and cream to give a decayed look. This has ended up being a similar colour to the Nihilakh Oxide, but is formed on the raised areas as opposed to the crevasses on the metal parts.

Overall I am very happy with the look of these models, looking decayed, dead and as though they have/are rising from the swamps - exactly what I wanted!