Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kilts in the breeze

I've done a little bit more work on my Marsh Reavers, namely the part that I was slightly confused about how to do - the kilts and hiding the join between the body and legs/saddle. With the fimir warriors I have been taking a small piece of bandage, soaking it in pva glue, draping around the waist of the figure, and applying superglue to the edges and joins. However, with the reavers there wasn't a lot of space to be able to do the same thing owing to the position of the legs on the saddles, yet I definitely needed something as there would otherwise be a large gap around where the body fitted, that and the riders would be naked and I'm trying to avoid that!

So I sat down yesterday to have a bit of a think about how to do it. Out of nowhere an idea struck me, rather than putting the bandage around the outside of the figure to hide the join, what if I put the piece of bandage in the join before gluing the body in. That way the gaps can be filled and I can get the kilt into the awkward places before the body is secured. Also, I could then try and get a bit of flow in the bandage to demonstrate movement of the model.

With a certain amount of trepidation I set about on the first of my three reaver models, cutting the bandage to size (half what I would normally use, but I normally fold that in half, so guess it is the technically the same size, just I wanted it thinner and more flexible this time around), putting it over the join, applying superglue to the base of the body and then pushing it down, hoping that it could create what I envisaged. With a bit of subsequent playing around, a few cuts here and there, and folds to try and show it flapping in the breeze, I added the superglue to secure the bandage in the pose I wanted. This was the first one I did:

I was really pleased with how it turned out, so I set about the other two reaver models in the same way. I'm really rather pleased with how it has worked, it still matches the look of the kilts on the warriors models, yet also conveys a bit of movement, whilst hiding the join between body and legs - ticking all the boxes as it were. Now I need to get the greenstuff out again to model the head/eye, then get the paints out. I'm really looking forward to getting these models painted up, I think they'll be a bit of a feature in the army.