Saturday, 31 May 2014

A Hag-Queen rises from the mists

When I first started this project I looked over the fan-made army listing and designed a rough outline of the army that I would like to field. Obviously every army needs a general, and for the fimir it absolutely has to be the tribe leader, the hag-queen, the meargh. The problem I had was working out how to model a female fimir? There are numerous illustrations that give a very definitive idea of how the hag-queen is supposed to look, and I was convinced that my green stuff skill was nowhere near good enough to be able to sculpt a saurus warrior to resemble these pictures.

I was searching a variety of miniatures designer websites looking for a suitable hag model that I could then replace the face to convert it into my fimir meargh. I'd found a couple of possibilities, but nothing that I was really happy with, until a friend of mine pointed me towards the game Malifaux. I don't play the game and, despite this friend's attempts at pushing it, I not going to start as I don't have enough time to actually play the games I am already involved with, but I had to agree that the models look fantastic. In particular the model of Zoraida the hag.

This was perfect, so look what I treated myself to!