Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pushing on

Well as predicted it's September before I have managed to get anything else done to my fimir. However, getting married and then going on a honeymoon is a bloody good way to spend your time. Everything about the wedding went exactly as we wanted it to, including the extra little surprises that we hadn't told anyone about - like the falconry display/have-a-go, the after-dinner pub quiz, and the lego cake!

By all accounts everyone enjoyed themselves, and loved those extra little touches. Plenty of people have said that the wedding was 'very us' - which I think was meant as a compliment!

And now we're back from our honeymoon in Denmark (which was lovely - a really great place to visit!), and virtually straight away we're into the new academic year. My wife (I'm still getting used to saying that, and it's all rather exciting!) is also a teacher and started back on Monday, whereas my school doesn't officially start until tomorrow (Wednesday), but I did a full day on Monday and a half day today to try and get myself organised for the new year having done less school work this summer than I perhaps needed to owing to the wedding festivities. However, I'm now feeling more or less prepared, so took the opportunity to catch up a little bit with the fimir project.

So far I have modelled five fimir warriors, three moor hounds and one base, but three of the fimir were still without their kilts so that needs to be rectified before I can move onto the painting stage. The other two cavalry bases and all five warrior bases also need doing. So I sat down this afternoon to make a start. It's nice to feel as though I'm making some progress again.

Though unfortunately my progress may continue to be rather slow as we are still trying to work our way through the 40k campaign that I'm playing my Black Templars in. And Space Marines are getting a new codex (due out on Saturday) so I will be spending a bit of time re-costing my Templars army and possibly purchasing a few units that are now newly available to me. However, I will not let the fimir get forgotten about - I'm genuinely quite excited by the prospect of what I can achieve with this army - a definite sense of pride!