Sunday, 9 June 2013

The naked truth

I've been looking at the three fimirs that I have sculpted so far, rather proud of what I have managed to achieve. But then it hit me, they have their belly shields, but other than that they are naked. Most fimir pictures have some sort of clothing, so how could I represent this?
I was thinking that some kind of fabric skirt or kilt would suit the style of the fimir quite nicely. Now I know that my green stuff skills are very basic and there is no way on earth that I was gong to be able to sculpt that. So instead I was thinking of getting some actual fabric and using that to drape around the figures, that way there'll be some nice material texture. Well, assuming that the material I get has a reasonably prominent texture so that it shows up!
So I had a momentary flash of inspiration and took a trip to the local supermarket and bought a cheap roll of bandage (got to love their smart price range). Soaked in PVA, moulded around the waist of the figure, cut to give some slits for easy movement (legs and tail), and with the belly shield glued back in place; well the idea is good.
And when I tried it - turns out pretty damn exactly as I wanted it!

I'm really looking forward to getting on and painting these!