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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Age of Fimir and Summoned Daemons

With Games Workshop having dropped Warhammer Fantasy Battle and introduced Age of Sigmar, I have had a bit of a thought about the continuation of my Fimir project. I've played a quick trial game of AoS and, whilst I think it might be quite fun for quick small-scale, it is not going to replace 8th edition of WFB for me. However, my friends and I might play some AoS games if we have a spare hour or want to try something a bit different. Therefore, I still want the Fimir to have a part to play in the AoS, so I've sat down and drafted some warscrolls:

Take a look and tell me what you think.  

I must acknowledge Mathias Eliasson from as the rules I've written are based from his Fimir Army Book that I use for WFB. I haven't had a chance to play test these Fimir AoS rules yet, so if you play with them, please do let me know how it goes.

In other news, I haven't really made much Fimir progress recently. With GW releasing a new Space Marine Codex, I've been paying my Templars a bit more attention. However, the time has come to return to the marshes and reinforce the clan. Whilst there is plenty left to do with the models I already have, both painting and modelling, I am always a sucker for a new project. Consequently I started to think about a few monster elements for my force. In the Fimir Army Book (and now in my Fimir AoS warscrolls) there is a daemon that the Meargh sometimes summons which can add some much needed ranged support - the Eye Tyrant.

On top of the Eye Tyrant’s hovering, one-eyed body is a ring of eye-stalks ending in smaller eyes which can unleash different gaze attacks at enemies. A gaping maw set with many sharp teeth splits its body. In other words, it is the Beholder from Dungeons and Dragons. Being a D&D geek as well, I thought it would be quite cool to include one of these as a daemon summoned by the Meargh of my clan. I found a nice model on ebay manufactured by Reaper Miniatures. I haven't started painting it yet, but thought I'd share what I think is a really well sculpted model.

The other model/unit that I've been getting quite inspired about is the Daemonomaniac. A Daemonomaniac is the product of a powerful daemon being successfully bound within the body of a Fimir of the warrior caste. It has a huge cleaver blade grafted onto one arm, a great axe of Fimul in the other, and its giant tail lashing about crushing whole files of troops.

I love the idea of having a giant-sized Fimir included in the army, I think it just sums at a level of craziness with the Fimir and their daemon summoning. The problem was - how do you construct a Fimir that is the size of a giant? I have scoured the internet for different miniature manufacturers for a suitable base model, yet I kept basically coming back to either the GW giant or the GW Beastmen Cygor/Ghorgon.

These are some fantastically characterful models, but none of them are quite right. All three would need an impressive tail, some work on hands and feet, some head sculpting, etc. I was puzzled about how to progress for quite a while, but eventually made a decision - I'd use the Cygor/Ghorgon kit as the base, not gluing on hair where possible, carving off the rest of the sculpted hair, splitting the hooves to have three toes, using the cygor head without attaching the horns (I originally wanted to use the GW Carnosaur head, but couldn't get one from ebay or a bits site), carve off a finger on each hand to leave three and a thumb, construct some form of giant axe, and use the GW Kharibyss tail. I decided that my Daemonomaniac would have three arms to further individualise the silhouette - afterall, a daemon being bound within is likely to cause some horrendous mutations. It has taken quite a while to piece it all together and carve away the hair, green stuffing over the scraped areas, but all in all I'm rather happy with how the model is progressing.